Under Tile Heating

Under Tile Heating.

What is our under tile heating made from?:

We manufacture our under tile heating with a PTFE coating. In the past, under tile/floor heating was coated with a PVC coating. Thus, the lime in the screed would erode the cables after a while, resulting in the system being very brittle. Furthermore, the heating was placed deep within the screed of the floor. Due to the fact that our heaters are installed directly under the floor surface, the system gets to temperature very quickly and does not cost a fortune to run.

How much heating is needed?:

We stick very rigidly to an international guide line of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. Thus your heating is cost effective to run. The actual system covers roughly 60/70% of the floor surface.

heating can make a significant difference in your home. Even if you only install the heating in the essential areas, such as bathrooms etc, it really does make a huge difference during the winter months.

we supply energy saving thermostats to be used with your under tile heating. These ensure that your heating only runs when absolutely necessary. Therefor saving you a chunk of money on your electricity bill.

Our heating is not only used in domestic applications, but for industrial purposes as well. Hence it can be used for farming, agriculture etc… basically in any scenario where the temperature needs to be set and maintained.

Our under tile heating is a DIY friendly product. We have a variety of online tutorials that will show you a step by step guide as to how to do an installation.