Undercarpet Heating 500w 2×1,2 Mtrs


Undercarpet Heating 500w 2x1,2 Mtrs
Undercarpet Heating 500w 2×1,2 Mtrs


Our undercarpet heating 500w units are manufactured to the highest safety and quality standards. The heating cable is PTFE insulated and encased in a double strength aluminum foil. Hence, our under carpet heating is extremely durable.


What carpeting can the units be installed under?:

Our heating units are safe to go under most types of carpeting. However, we do not recommend placing them under rubber backed carpets as the heat will get blocked.

What should i avoid with undercarpet heating?:

We do not recommend placing the heating units under any solid or flat based furniture. This is due to the fact that the heat will get blocked. Thus it can result in the carpet being marked. Hence we manufacture a variety of different sized units and therefor we can accommodate any room layout.

Can my carpets be washed or steam cleaned?:

Our units are made with a double sided aluminum foil. Thus they are totally waterproof. It is perfectly safe to clean your carpets, however, we recommend letting the carpets dry 100% before turning the heating on. The reason for this is that the heat in conjunction with a wet carpet may produce an odor. If you spill liquid on the carpet by mistake, also just let the carpet dry naturally before turning the heating on again.

Can the heating units be used for any other purposes?:

Yes! Firstly, our under carpet units can be used under a loose laid rug. In this scenario, you simply lay the heating onto a piece of under felt, put the rug on top and plug the unit into a plug point. You do not need to use a thermostat in this case. Secondly, our units can be used to heat animal cages and enclosures. If you look through our website, you will find the under carpet units that we manufacture specially for pets.

In conclusion:

Our undercarpet heating 500w 2×1.2 units are extremely durable, versatile, easy to install and cost effective to run. These are a perfect heating solution for any carpeted area or as a plug and play device.