Under Carpet Heating 1000 W


Under-Carpet-Heating-1000-W-(1,9X2,8-Mtrs). This unit is perfect for an area of roughly 9/12m2 of wall to wall room space. Our under carpet units are effective, durable, waterproof and 100% safe.

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Under Carpet Heating 1000 W
Under Carpet Heating 1000 W


Under carpet 1000 W heating mat. Our under carpet units are made using a PTFE coated element. The element is encased in a double sided aluminum mat. Thus, the unit is 100% waterproof, durable and safe to use.

Under carpet heating is a very effective product. Due to the fact that it sits just below the carpet, the heat is felt extremely quickly. We manufacture a large variety of different units. They range is size and shape, thus, we have units to accommodate any situation or room layout.

The heating mats are safe for use under most carpets. We do not recommend putting them under carpets that have a rubber backing as this will block the heat. The units should be placed in the open areas of the floor space. Thus we do not recommend installing them under any flat based furniture as this will block the heat. Blocking the heat can result in discoloration of the carpeting.

Do the units have to go under wall to wall carpeting?:

No. The under carpet units can be used under loose laid rugs. Simply choose a unit that is close in size to that of your rug, place the unit on a piece of under felt and lay your rug on top. It is not necessary to use a thermostat in this scenario. Hence the unit works as a plug and play device.

Is under carpet heating cost effective to run?:

We stick rigidly to an international guide line of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. This ensure a cost effective and efficient heating system. Furthermore, the thermostats that we sell are energy saving devices. Thus, your underfloor heating will never cost you a fortune to run.

Our under carpet heating can be used in a wide variety of different situations, not just for conventional heating. They can be used for animal enclosures, breeding pens and so much more.

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