Touch Screen Thermostat – White


Touch-Screen-Thermostat-16-Amps. Advanced LCD touch screen thermostat. This thermostat is fully programmable thus making it an energy saving device.

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Touch Screen Thermostat - White
Touch Screen Thermostat – White


Touch Screen Thermostat – White

General info:

  • The AC860H is a weekly circulation digital thermostat.
  • It uses an advanced microcomputer control chip.
  • LCD touch screen control.
  • Manual or program mode.

Technical specs:

  • Voltage: 220VAC ~ 50/60HZ
  • Power consumption: <2W
  • Setting range: 0.5~5 Degrees Celsius
  • Control range: 5.0~45 Degrees Celsius
  • Limitation setting: 20~80 Degrees Celsius
  • Accuracy: +-1 Degree Celsius

This thermostat has three main modes.

Program mode:

  • The thermostat is controlled automatically with the pre-set time & temperatures. (Six different time and temperature options per day.)

Manual mode:

  • The thermostat is controlled manually in the same manner as an analogue thermostat.

Simultaneous display:

  • For temporary control mode, simply press the up and down arrow keys. The device temporarily comes out of the program mode and can be manually overridden.

All the thermostats that we stock and supply, are energy saving devices. Therefore, when used in conjunction with our underfloor heating, it will never cost you a fortune to run.

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