Analogue Thermostat


Analogue-Thermostat-16-Amps. Clean and simply looking thermostat that is unobtrusive yet extremely effective.

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Analogue thermostat and accessories.

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All of our thermostats are energy saving devices. We stock a wide variety of different thermostat in our store. Digital, analogue, 2×4, 4×4, surface mount, probe and air thermostats are available. Thus, we have a thermostat for any application.

What is the difference between the thermostats?:

The 2×4 and 4×4 thermostats are designed to be mounted in a wall box with direct lines from the D.B board.

The surface mount thermostat is installed on the wall surface and simply plugs into the available wall plug.

A digital them thermostat is like a computer. It can be set with many different options, such as time of day to come on/turn off etc. Where as an analogue thermostat is basically set to the desired temperature and left to turn on and off accordingly.

We have video tutorials that give you a step by step visual guide as to how to install your underfloor heating. There is also a video tutorial that will show you how to set and program your thermostat.

We sell a wide variety of specialized underfloor heating accessories as well. Browsing through our store you will find fault tracing equipment, repair kits, monitor boxes and so much more.

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