3KW Heater mat – coverage 16 M2


3KW DIY mesh mat. This underfloor heating mat is perfect for an area of 28-36m2 of wall to wall room space. The elements are pre-wired into the mesh mat. Thus, it is extremely easy to use! Simply roll it out onto the floor in a zig-zag formation and lay your flooring on top.

Heater mat coverage 16 M2
3KW Heater mat – coverage 16 M2


Our under tile heating mats are so simple to use!

The 3KW heater mat is made from a PTFE coated element, that is pre-woven into a mesh mat. This system truly makes it possible for anyone to do their own installation.

Under tile heating is a simple yet effective way to heat your home. We stick very rigidly to an international guide line of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. Thus your heating is cost effective and efficient to run.

The thermostats that we supply to use with your under tile heating are also energy saving devices. Therefor our heating truly is the most cost effective way to stay warm during winter.

The installation of our mats is so simple…

Follow these few steps and your heating is complete!

Firstly, plan out and mark on your floor where the heating will be run, cut and turned. Secondly, roll out your heating to your markings. Thirdly, you can opt to screed over the installation if you wish, install your flooring of choice and lastly connect your thermostat.

We have a video tutorial that will show you how to do the installation. As you can see, this really is a very simple product to install. We manufacture a variety of different size mats. Hence, there is a product to suit every situation.

Underfloor heating has advanced in many ways over the years. Gone are the days where the heating was embedded in the screed of the flooring. Thanks to an advancement in the materials we use, your underfloor heating is now installed directly under the floor surface. Thus, it comes through the flooring much quicker and costs less to run.

The actual element that we use is PTFE coated and thus it will not erode over time with exposure to the lime in the screed.