undercarpet heating

Undercarpet Heating.

Undercarpet heating truly is one of the most effective forms of underfloor heating.

Carpets are a very good conductor of heat. Therefore, the heating comes through to the surface of the carpeting and can be felt extremely quickly.

Our undercarpet heating is manufactured using a PTFE coated element that is embedded in the double sided aluminum foil. Thus, our heating is 100% safe and waterproof.

We manufacture a large variety of different shapes and sizes. Hence we are able to accommodate any room layout.

It is not recommended to put the under carpet heating under any solid based furniture. Rather lay the heating units in the open areas of the room. We have specially designed units that will go around your beds etc.

Undercarpet heating can be used with most wall to wall carpeting. However, it is not advised to use it under rubber backed carpets. The backing blocks the heating and can cause the carpeting to stain.

Our under carpet heating can also be used under loose laid tugs in your home. Simply put them on an under felt beneath your rug, place the rug on top and plug them into your wall plug. You do not need to use a thermostat in this scenario.

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