Thermostats and accessories.

Welcome to our online shop where we supply thermostats, underfloor heating and accessories. Our store is HTTPS secure. Thus, you can shop and browse with total piece of mind. We ship our products nationally and internationally as well. The prices shown on the website are for national delivery only. Thus, for international delivery, please send us the shipping address and we will calculate the delivery costs.

The thermostats and heating that we supply are cost effective products. Our thermostats are not only functional, but look modern as well.

We stock digital, analogue, 2×4, 4×4, surface mount, probe and air sensor thermostats.

The difference is as follows:

Digital thermostats are “intelligent” thermostats that can be set and programmed in a variety of different ways. Analogue thermostats are designed to be set to the desired temperature and will turn off and on accordingly.

Air sensor stats read the ambient temperature of the area that they are installed in. whereas a probe thermostat has a connected probe that reads the temperature of the actual flooring that it is connected to. A probe sensor is necessary when the thermostat is connected to wood or when it is installed outside of the area that it is controlling. (in a bathroom for instance)

2×4 and 4×4 stats are designed to be installed into a box with direct lines from your D.B board. A surface mount stat is installed on the wall surface and simply plugs into an available plug point.

All of our products are D.I.Y friendly. There is an online video tutorial that will give you a visual guide as to how to program and set your products.




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