Gauteng manufacturers and suppliers of all your heating products.

We manufacture and supply quality heating products and accessories throughout Gauteng and abroad.

Known for our excellent sales and after sales service, our company really is your go to name in heating.

Browsing through our shop you will find a wide variety of heating products. Not only the actual heating, but the accessories and specialized equipment as well.

What different types of heating do you supply?:

Firstly, we have a loose laid element (typically aimed at professional installers or for non conventional applications where an unusual shape needs to be obtained)

Secondly, we have DIY undertile mats. These mats have our PTFE cable pre-woven into a mesh mat. The installation of these is very simple and can be done by anyone. We have an online tutorial that shows you a step by step visual guide as to how to do your installation.

Thirdly, we have our under carpet units. These are made with our
PTFE cable that is placed inside a double sided aluminum foil.

Lastly, we have special pet heaters. These are specially designed to use in cages for exotic animals and reptiles.

All of our heating products are made to be cost effective. We supply energy saving thermostats that also ensure that your heating will not cost you a lot to run.


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