fan control

Fan – control thermostat.

Our Dual purpose thermostats are able to control your Fan, Underfloor heating and Air conditioning, all from one slimline device.

The Fan control of the thermostat is able to be connected to your ceiling fan. Thus, you can choose from low, medium and high settings for your ceiling fan.

All of our thermostats are energy saving devices. Thus, they help you save money when running and operating your electrical heating/cooling devices.

Our online store HTTPS secure. thus, you can shop and browse with total piece of mind.

We stock a whole host of underfloor heating, cooling, repair equipment and accessories in our store. Our products are shipped both locally and internationally. The prices on the website are for local delivery only. Thus, for international delivery, please send us the shipping address and we will calculate the delivery costs.

You will find an assortment of different thermostat controls on our site. Thus, we have a product for every scenario.

We have been a trusted name in the heating/cooling industry for numerous years. We offer excellent sales and after sales service.

You can find us on a host of various social media sites and forums as well. Hence we are always available to answer any questions that you have about our products or heating in general.




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