Dolphin coast

Suppliers of D.I.Y heating and accessories to the Dolphin Coast and abroad.

Welcome to our online shop. Here you will find a variety of quality products at a very affordable price. Our online shop is HTTPS secure, thus you can shop and browse with total piece of mind.

All of our products are D.I.Y friendly. We have a video tutorial that will show you a step by step visual guide as to how to go about your installation. There is also an online tutorial that will guide you through the connection and programming of your digital thermostats.

The heating elements that we use in our products are PTFE coated. Thus, they are flexible, durable and should last the lifetime of your flooring.

Not only do we supply conventional underfloor heating to the Dolphin Coast, but we also supply specialized products as well. You will find under rug heating, exotic and mammal heating, as well as infrared heaters in our shop.

We have a product for any situation where the temperature needs to be controlled.

We have been a trusted name in the heating industry for many years. Our products are sold and backed by our excellent service delivery.

You will find us on a wide variety of social media platforms and forums as well. Thus, we are always available to answer any queries that you may have with regards to our products.

All of our products, that we manufacture and supply, are D.I.Y friendly. Thus anyone can do the installation themselves. We are always available to give you advice during and after sales. We truly are the trusted name in heating and hope to add you to our long list of satisfied customers in the future.


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