Clarens suppliers of u underfloor heating, thermostats and accessories.

Welcome to our HTTP secure online shop. Browse and purchase products with total piece of mind. We ship our products both nationally and internationally. The prices shown are for national delivery. Thus, for international delivery, please send us the shipping address and we will calculate the delivery cost.

All of our heating products are D.I.Y friendly. We have an online video tutorial that will show you a step by step visual guide as to how to do your installation. Furthermore, we have a video tutorial that will show you how to install and program your digital thermostats.

In our shop, you will find a wide variety of products. From underfloor heating for every floor surface, thermostats, as well as repair kits and specialized tracing equipment. We stock everything you need for underfloor heating.

Are your heating products durable?:

Our elements are all PTFE insulated. Thus, they are extremely durable, flexible and have an extremely long life expectancy. We stick very rigidly to an international guide line of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. Thus, your heating will never cost you a fortune to run.

How can we contact you?:

We are available on a variety of social media platforms and forums. Thus we are always available to answer any questions that you may have. We strive to offer excellent sales and after sales service to all of our customers.

As we have been in the industry for numerous years, we really have become a trusted name in the heating industry.

You will find specialized products in our store. Such as loose laid heaters to place under rugs, as well as heating for reptiles and exotic animals.

Is the heating only used under flooring?:

Our heating is also used in a variety of specialized applications. Such as seed germination, Farming, Incubators and so much more.

Clarens customers will find a product for any heating need.


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