D.I.Y suppliers of underfloor heating and materials in Ballito.

We are leading suppliers of underfloor heating and accessories in Ballito and abroad.

Welcome to our online shop. Our shop is HTTP secure. Thus you can browse and purchase our products with total piece of mind. We stock and supply a wide variety of underfloor heating, thermostats and accessories.

When you place an order with us, as soon as your payment reflects in our account, we will send your order through to you. Pricing for national delivery is included in the displayed price. Thus, for international delivery, please send us your shipping address and we will calculate the cost.

All the products that we manufacture and supply are energy saving. We stick to an international guide line of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. Thus your heating will never cost you a fortune to run.

Our elements are all PTFE coated. Thus, they have an incredibly long life span and are both flexible as well as durable.

We stock heating for tiles, carpets, wooden flooring, cemcrete and so much more.

Furthermore, we manufacture heating for loose laid rugs. These heaters can simply be placed under any rug in your home. There is no need for a thermostat. Thus, you simply select a heater that is close in size to your rug, place it on a piece of under-felt and put the rug on top. The unit can then just be plugged into your wall plug.

Lastly, we also manufacture specialized heating for reptiles and exotic animals. These heaters can assist in keeping your animals enclosures at the necessary temperature.

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