Under Carpet Heating

Under Carpet Heating

Our under carpet heating is manufactured to be 100% waterproof, safe, durable and effective. We use a PTFE coated heating element. This is encased in a double aluminum foil.

Our under carpet heating comes in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Thus we have a unit that will fit into any size room or furniture layout.

Under carpet heating is installed between the under-felt and the carpet. Thus the heat comes through to the surface incredibly quickly. This is one of the most effective form of underfloor heating as carpets are an excellent conductor of heat.

Can under carpet be installed under any type of carpets?:

We do not advise putting the heating under rubber backed carpets. The rubber blocks the heat. Thus it battles to come through and can also result in the carpet being marked as it over heats.

Is it only used under wall to wall carpets?:

No. Our units can be installed under loose laid rugs around your home. This works very well in rooms where you have flooring installed but just want a heater for the cold months. Thus you just select a heater that is close in size to your rug. Place it on a piece of under-felt and put the carpet on top. Furthermore, a thermostat is not necessary in this scenario.  You just plug the unit in when you are in the room and unplug it when you are not.

I have furniture in the room. does the heating go underneath the furniture?:

No. We do not advise putting the heating under any solid base furniture. The heating gets blocked. Thus it can result in the carpet being marked. Hence, we manufacture a variety of different size and shaped units and can accommodate any furniture layout.




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