Thermostats that we stock and supply.

Digital, Analogue, Probe sensor, Air, 2×4/4×4 or surface mount thermostats.

The differences between the above are as follows:

Digital vs Analogue:

You set an analogue controller to the desired temperature and leave it on. Hence it self regulates by turning the heating on when the room drops below the set temperature. Digital stats are more advanced. Firstly you can program them to come on at different times during the day and to run at different temperatures. Secondly we advice people to use digital stats where possible as they eliminate the possibility of the heating running when it is not necessary.

Probe vs Air sensor:

A probe device reads the surface temperature of the heating that it is connected to. You lay the probe sensor beneath the floor surface. Thus the thermostat then regulates the set temperature of the floor. You use these with wooden flooring as wood must not be heated beyond 28 degrees floor temperature. Furthermore in scenarios where the thermostat is installed outside of the area that it is connected to. Thus in a bathroom where the thermostat is installed in the bedroom. Air thermostats reads the ambient air temperature of the room it is installed in. Hence these thermostats can be used in most scenarios where the thermostat is installed in the same room as the heating.

2×4/4×4 vs Surface mount:

2×4/4×4 thermostats are designed to be installed in a box with direct power lines from the board. These thermostats are usually used in new houses/building renovations where it is possible to chase a box into the wall. Our thermostats can also be used to replace existing units that are in a 2×4/4×4 box. Surface mount thermostats are installed next to a plug point on the wall surface. These are simply plugged into the three-pin wall plug. These thermostats are normally used in installations where chasing into the walls is not an option or for loose laid rug heating etc.


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