Heating Element Uses.

Heating Element uses
Heating Element uses

Heating element uses are not just limited to underfloor heating. Underfloor heating is an extremely versatile product. There are a huge number of ways that this product is used and not just for heating a floor. Lets take a look at some of the heating element uses:

Heating element uses for Snails:

Snails must be kept at 18-30 Degrees Celsius. They need heating that will not dry out the air. They thrive in a moist environment. Hence our heating is the ideal way to achieve this. It is radiant heat. Thus it will not dry the surrounding air out. The heating can be used in either a mat form, or you can lay loose elements into the snails environment as well.

Seedlings and seed germination:

Soil must be kept at a very specific and constant heat for germination. This ensures optimum growth. Thus our loose laid cables are laid into the soil. A probe thermostat is then used to ensure that the soil is kept at the perfect temperature. The probe makes the thermostat read and maintain the actual soil that the seedlings are planted into. Doing this makes seedlings thrive and grow at an effective and constant rate.

Greenhouse heating:

As with seed germination, greenhouse heating also needs to be kept at a specific temperature to ensure optimum growth of the plants. This heating also needs to be radiant but can not dry out the air of the greenhouse. Hence our underfloor heating works like a charm in this scenario.

Heating element uses for Incubation:

Incubation is a very precise science when it comes to temperature. Our heating is able to be used in this process as it can be precisely monitored and controlled with a probe thermostat. Any breeder that relies on incubation knows that their business thrives and relies on ensuring a controlled and precise incubation environment.

Candle and wax products:

Our underfloor heating is very effectively used in the melting/molding process of candles and wax products. In this process, the tank or container with the hard wax in it needs to be kept at a rather warm temperature to ensure that the wax melts effectively. Our heating can be wrapped around the container. This heats up the container and aids in the melting process.

Granite heating:

In professional kitchens/serving areas as well as in some personal homes, it has become an effective trend to heat the granite surface where the serving/dishing of meals is done. This ensures that the plates and food dished on to them are kept warm. (In essence, acting like an old fashioned warming drawer). In this application, our heating elements can be laid onto the back of the granite thus heating the slab when on. This has been proven to be highly effective.

Stopping mirrors from fogging up:

Putting underfloor heating on the back of mirrors stops them from fogging up when the area is steamy. This is useful in gyms, hotels or even for your personal home use. It eliminates a very common irritant in any bathroom situation.

Exotic pets and reptiles:

Exotics and reptiles need a constant heat in their enclosures. Our specially produced reptile mats are the perfect solution for this situation. They are unobtrusive. Thus they do not disrupt the animals living space. Lastly these mats are completely waterproof so they are totally safe to use in your animals environment.


Underfloor heating is a very popular product in sauna’s and showers. In a shower, we often run the hot water for a while before stepping in (especially in winter) as the cold floor beneath your feet is a horrible feeling. Heat the shower floor as an addition when heating the entire bathroom, or as an installation on its own. It is the perfect way to heat the benches that you sit on in a sauna. This also assists the actual interior temperature of the sauna.

Underfloor heating is suitable for ANY SCENARIO that requires the ambient temperature or surface temperature of the product to be controlled. Thus heating element uses are diverse.

We manufacture and supply loose laid heating cables, pre-woven heating mats that have the heating cable woven into a pre-cut mat and double sided aluminum heating mats. Hence we have a product that will work in any situation.

Our thermostat range is vast. We supply ambient, probe, digital, analogue, surface mount and 4×4/2×4 thermostats. We supply a controller for any application.

When it comes to alternative heating applications, we have a solution. You imagination is the limit!

Contact us for advice with any heating application. We will devise a solution for you!

The heating that we manufacture is both reliable and cost effective. Every product that we make is guaranteed to be effective.

Underfloor heating has a wide variety of uses and is a very versatile product. Often it is the cheapest and most effective way to control the temperature of an environment.

Not only is underfloor heating a cost effective method of heating, it is also the safest and healthiest way to heat most environments.

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