A few simple tips to save electricity!

We all know that feeling…

We get our utility bill and start to sweat! Lets face facts, the price of basics now days are huge! One of which is definitely electricity! However, there are many simple ways to save A LOT on your usage… Follow these simple steps and look at the difference it makes… Lets look at a few simple tips to save electricity!

How to save electricity
How to save electricity
Firstly, lets address the elephant in the room…

Obviously my intention in this article is to explain to you WHY UNDERFLOOR HEATING WONT COST YOU A FORTUNE and to give you some tips and tricks to save in other areas!

We stick very rigidly to an international guide line of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space. Thus, ensuring a cost effective system to run. To explain this briefly, imagine lighting a tiny fire in the middle of a big hall… The heat from that fire will take FOREVER to heat up the volume of the space and will have you putting new wood on the fire every five seconds! The same concept applies here! By ensuring that we stick to this guide line, it takes a limited time for the heater to heat the volume of the room… Your “fire” is big enough for the space! Thus your thermostat turns off quicker and the entire system costs you a pittance to run! Remember, underfloor heating is only “costing you money” whilst the elements are heating up.

To briefly sum up our product:

Because our elements are placed directly under your floor surface, the heating is felt and starts to work almost instantaneously!
Furthermore, the thermostats that we supply are energy saving devices. They only run and draw power when it is absolutely essential to do so! Gone are the days when a thermostat had to run for days on end before your heating would reach temperature!

Now that we have covered those brief points, lets have a squizz at some daily steps that you can take to save some moola!!! A few simple tips to save electricity!

Door seals on your fridge and stove:

Think about this for a second… Your fridge and stove alike are using the most power whilst they are cooling down or heating up to temperature… Say for instance you are in bed trying to get warm under a blanket…This will happen MUCH quicker if you tuck the blanket in around you… Same principle occurs with your fridge and stove. They both work on a thermostat and will stop drawing power as soon as they are to the desired temperature… So ensure you are not letting broken seals have an effect on the efficiency of this process!!!

Tumble dryers:

These suck a LOAD of power! Rather ensure that washing is hung on the line… problem solved! When tumble drying is absolutely essential, only tumble small and essential items as apposed to an entire load

Florescent Lamps (CFL’s):

These use roughly 20% of the standard power used by normal incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, they last about 6 times longer! However, even if you are using CFL’s, still remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room… No reason to have crystal palace burning bright when you are not in the area! If you have really dingy areas in your home, consider installing a sky light.


Dripping hot water taps waste you money AND water! A tiny little drip can add up to a fortune over time! In fact, a steady small drip can, in essence, add up to as much as 15 showers or 100 toilet flushes over a monthly period!!! That is a LOT of water literally going down the drain! Identify and fix leaks as soon as you spot them. Generally it is just a matter of replacing the washer.

Guzzling geysers galore:

As we all know, geysers are notorious power guzzlers! Simple things can help these hungry guys to cost a little less. Turn down your thermostat to 50 degrees. Wrap your geyser and keep it toasty with a geyser blanket. Insulate your pipes, if possible, and install a timer on your DB board.

Control your comfort:

If you are using ANY form of heating, ensure that you are using a thermostat. This will regulate the length of time that the heater is in use, and will save you power in the long run.

Insulate your nest:

Simple insulation will not only retain warmth in the winter, but will keep you cool in the summer as well! This can be done via a few methods such as materials placed in your ceiling. Ceiling insulation also differs from fiberglass products to cellulose fiber (a combination of paper and other materials, which is blown into the ceiling – or foam insulation.) Obviously the effectiveness of the insulation will depend on the materials used and the thickness thereof.

Shower vs bath:

Obviously, filling a big tub with bubbles is great! However, this uses a lot more water and power than a shower. Try and limit your baths to once or twice a week, and jump in a shower instead! Spa baths draw A LOT of power as they need to maintain the waters temperature and use a pump. As mentioned above, use these luxuries sparingly rather. If you absolutely need your spa spoiling, opt for solar power with your bath instead.

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble:

Boiling water on the stove top uses a lot more power than boiling a kettle. If for instance, you are in need of a pot of boiling water to cook your spaghetti or rice, rather boil the kettle first as apposed to bringing it to the boil on the stove. Just remember to only boil the necessary amount of water in the kettle.

Micro meals:

Your microwave uses less than half the power of your conventional oven. Your food also cooks in half the time. If you are not preparing a roast meal for the family, try to use the microwave instead!

New school splendor:

Most of the new appliances produced now days are energy efficient. (As is the case with the thermostats we supply) If you are in the market for a new kitchen gadget, always check the energy rating before you buy. An “A” rating is the most efficient.

Outdoor Lighting:

All outdoor lighting and security lights can be set on a timer or a motion sensor. No need for these to be burning in the blazing sun! Also consider using solar powered lights for your garden… These little fairy lights are both beautiful and a budget buster!

Poolside problems:

Swimming pools use a LOT of power! Limit your pool pumps operating time to save a lot of power. Cover your pool with a pool blanket. This will stop your pool from gathering dirt and therefor lessen the time needed to run your filter. (This also prevents water loss through evaporation)

Be a washing warrior:

Try to use washing machines and dishwashers only when they are full. Use the economy setting on both of these appliances and use cold water in your washing machine if your clothing is not heavily soiled.

Vampire Voltage!:

Believe it or not, certain appliances draw up to 50% of their standard usage power (some even up to 75%) when in standby mode! Always ensure that you TURN OFF appliances such as TV’s, DVD, Home theater systems etc.The same applies to charges. Even though an item is not plugged in to them, they will still draw unnecessary power. “Stand by me” is not a good motto to use with these items!

So, there you have it. A few simple tips to save electricity! All in all, there are MANY small little tips and tricks that can save you a huge amount of money on your electricity bill.

As i mentioned earlier in this post, our underfloor heating is manufactured, quoted and supplied in an energy efficient manner. By sticking to the rule, of 1KW of heating power for every 10/12m2 of room space, your underfloor heating will run at a very cost effective rate.

Our thermostats that we supply are all energy saving devices that are manufactured with cost efficiency in mind.

By using these few simple tips and tricks, you will have no reason to be afraid of the cost impact that your heating will have on your electricity bill.

D I Y underfloor heating is not a luxury… but rather a cost effective heating solution for every home!

I hope you have enjoyed this article on a few simple tips to save electricity!

Stay tuned to our blog as we bring you a variety of tips and tricks for every home owner!

Till next time… xxx