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Contact us, through a few different ways, should you have any queries.

Customers can WhatsApp us, find us on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Mix and many different forum platforms.

Customers that are based in and around JHB are welcome to contact us or come through to our office. We keep a variety of stock at our premises and you can therefor purchase directly from us. Payment at our office can be made via E.F.T or card.

Please just give us a call or send us a WhatsApp prior to coming through to the office.

You are also welcome to come through with your building plans and we can discuss the different heating options for your areas with you.

A few interesting facts about underfloor heating:

In the olden days, underfloor heating was installed in the concrete slab of your floor. Therefore, it took ages for the heating to be felt in the room or even on the surface of the flooring!

Thanks to the advancement of technology, underfloor heating is now laid directly under the floor covering and is therefor felt extremely quickly!

Thermostats have also come a LONG way over the years! Like cellphones, thermostats are now considered to be intelligent devices. They have a host of features that allow you to control your heating in a cost effective and efficient way. Thus, underfloor heating will not cost you a fortune to run.

When installed correctly, underfloor heating is actually the most cost effective and efficient way to heat any area. Furthermore, our heating is used in industrial applications such as farming, irrigation, exotic pet terrariums and so forth.

Check back to our page from time to time as we will be posting plenty of interesting articles, info and helpful tips and tricks about heating and energy in general.