Under Carpet Heating

What is under carpet heating and why is it different to under tile heating?

Under carpet heating consists of a heating element that is encased in a double sided aluminum foil. These mats are then placed between the carpet and the under-felt. Unlike under tile heating that would be laid on the concrete base of the floor.

The layer of under-felt and then carpeting is thick. Thus, if the heating is placed on the concrete base of the flooring, it would take a very long time for the heat to come through. Placing the mats between the carpet and the under-felt allows the heating to come through to the surface of the carpet extremely quickly.

Can the heating be placed anywhere in the room?:

No. It is not advisable to put the units under any flat based furniture because the heat can become blocked. Thus it can mark your carpets. Hence we manufacture a wide variety of different shaped units. Therefore you can select a unit that will fit in the open areas of your room.

Is this heating safe?:

Yes. Our units are waterproof and extremely durable. Therefor it is perfectly safe to use under your carpets. but you accidentally spill something on the carpet, simply allow the carpet to dry naturally before turning the heating on. This is due to the fact that heating the wet carpeting can cause it to omit a smell.

Is your carpet heating used for any other application?:

Yes. Our heating units are also used in animal breeding areas and so forth. It is used under loose laid rugs as well.