We stock and supply a wide variety of different thermostats.

In our store, you will find digital, analogue, probe, air, 2×4, 4×4, surface mount and even motion sensor devices.

Let me briefly explain the differences:

2×4 & 4×4:

These thermostats are mounted in a wall box with direct lines from the D.B board. You use these in new installations or to replace existing thermostats in these boxes.

Surface mount:

These are installed on the wall surface and plug into the existing three-pin wall plug. They are easy to install in scenarios where chasing a box into the wall is not an option.

Air sensor thermostats:

An air sensor thermostat will measure and read the ambient air temperature in the room that it is installed in. You set them to the desired temperature and leave them on. Hence they will turn on and off as the air temperature fluctuates in the room.

Probe sensor thermostats:

Probe sensor thermostats will read the temperature of the floor surface that the probe is installed beneath. Therefore they read the temperature of the actual flooring. These thermostats are used for wooden flooring (where the floor temperature can not go higher than 28 degrees surface temperature) as well as when the thermostat is installed outside the area that it is required to monitor. (for instance, in a bathroom where the it is installed in the bedroom.) These are also very useful in breeding tanks, terrariums and other specialized heating applications.

Analogue thermostats:

Analogue thermostats work on a very basic principle. The dial is set to the desired temperature (either ambient air or via the probe) and they will click on and off as the temperature fluctuates. Hence these are reliable thermostats as there is not much that can go wrong with them (computer boards etc.)

Digital thermostats:

These thermostats are mini computers. They can be set to go on and off at different times of the day and have a wide variety of different setting options. They can be set to cater to your lifestyle. Hence they act as energy saving devices. For instance, they can be set to go on an hour before you come home. Thus they don’t use power unnecessarily.

There is a thermostat available for every heating scenario. Thus we have a product that will work for every one.

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