About our company

Our company has been in the heating industry for many years.
What started as a small heating installation team has grown into a fully fledged and diverse heating company.
We offer a wide selection of heating products directly to both professional installers and private clients as well.
Our company takes pride not only in the quality of the products that we supply, but also in the sales and after sales
services that we offer. We strive to maintain a strong relationship with all our clients as we have done over the years.
Our vision has always been to ensure that heating is not viewed as a luxury product but as an essential addition to every
home. The products that we supply are all energy saving, thus, they are not only affordable to install, but affordable to
use in every day life. We are available to answer any questions that you may have and look forward to adding you onto our
list of happy customers and doing business with you for many years to come.

Heating systems
Heating systems

Our Successful Journey

About our company and its successful journey
The owner of our company came from humble beginnings.
As a professional tiler, he then delved into the heating industry.
He started as an installer and slowly learnt the trade. After years of successful installations,
he decided to take the bull by the horns and manufacture/supply heating products directly to the market.
Finally, thanks to his ingenuity, we are now able to pride ourselves as a market leader in the industry.
Hence we are now suppliers of quality products, at an affordable price, to both professional installers and
private individuals alike.
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